Month: April 2012

Step Up To The Batu Caves – The Unplanned Trip

Step Up To The Batu Caves – The Unplanned Trip

We didn’t have the Batu Caves or anything planned for the second day, except that we’re spending it in the Cititel MidValley Hotel where the MTG Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix was held, however things took a turn later that afternoon.

From the Cititel MidValley Hotel, we took a cab to the Gombak district in the north of Kuala Lumpur where the Batu Caves were. From a far, we can already see the head of the golden statue Lord Murugan. As the Batu Caves landscape came to full view, the statue seemed to shine even brighter.

We paid the cab driver MYR 22.00, the metered rate, and went closer to the statue and the bottom of the caves. Birds and monkeys were almost all over the place. The birds did not bother us at all, but we were really careful when a monkey was near. People should be cautious when a monkey is around-they move so quickly that they may snatch anything from you and get away with it pretty fast.

The monkeys are said to be one of the groups guarding the Batu Caves, and can be a little territorial. Caution is advised by the guards as some monkeys in the area can pose a biting a hazard.

We climbed up the 272 steps up to the mouth of the Batu Caves. Upon entering the first cave, the Temple Cave or the Cathedral Cave, we each bought a bottle of Gatorade at MYR4.00 per bottle. You can just imagine how exhausted we were when we reached the top and had to climb down a few steps before we could buy refreshment. Exhaustion was immediately wiped away when we saw the beautiful, massive cave with stalactites hanging all over the 100 m-high ceiling. We made our way towards the other side of the cave, just a few inches away from another set of steps where a Hindu ritual was being held. We observed the ritual for a few minutes before exploring the rest of the cave.



Inside Batu Caves - Temple Cave

We decided to make our down the 272 steps as grey clouds draw near. Back at the foot of the Batu Caves, we bought a couple of Selecta Magnum sticks at MYR 2.00 each, a bottle of Sprite for MYR 2.00 an umbrella for MYR 20.00, and rested before getting on a cab back to Petaling Street.

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